MCPE Gamemodes Guide


Minecraft: Pocket Edition contains two gamemodes – Creative and Survival.



In Creative, the user controls much of his/her surroundings.

Here are some of the more popular features of the Creative gamemode:
*The ability to break blocks instantly
*An unlimited supply of all Minecraft items
*The inability to die 

Users cannot put on armor in Creative for now.



Here are some of the features of the Survival gamemode:

*Hostile mobs spawn naturally at night (unless you turn them off)
*Users can wear armor
*Users can open chests, use objects like furnaces and stone cutters, and eat food for hunger.

In Survival:
*Users cannot fly
*Users do not have an unlimited supply of blocks – you have to get materials yourself
*Certain blocks, such as the Monster Spawner, cannot be used without inventory editors (though they can be used in Creative)


A lot of us here at ALL ABOUT MCPE think that Survival is, in many ways, more fun than Creative – what can we say, we like a challenge!


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