Newbie Starter Guide: What is Minecraft?


Minecraft is a innovative user-based game in which players create worlds, use materials to build just about anything, and interact with their virtual surroundings (and with other players). This is a game in which your primary tool is your imagination –  and there are virtually no limits to what you can create.


How to download Minecraft: Pocket Edition:

  1. Visit the App Store / Play Store
  2. Search for: “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” and download the app (it costs $6.99 in the United States)
  3. When it finishes downloading, open the app.


>> Play
>> New
>> Choose: your preferred gamemode
>> Advanced (options)
>> Choose: your preferred world type
>> Optional: enter seeds
>> Generate World (accessible from both basic and advanced menus)

  1. Celebrate your mastery of downloading/app-opening techniques!
  2. Learn more about surviving the first night (coming soon) : Minecraft Edition.
  3. Enjoy playing Minecraft – and check out some of our most popular maps here!

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