There are numerous glitches in MCPE. They’re a part of all games.


Glitches can make the game hard and frustrating, but for the most part they’re really fun!


Here are some of the posts about glitches that we have made:


Awesome Sword Glitch in MCPE (No Mods!) (Outdated) - Hey everyone, Team ALLABOUTMCPE has an awesome sword glitch to show to everyone. You don’t need mods to get this sword, but there are a few things that you do need. These are the things that you must have to create the Sword Glitch:
How to get out of an old world in Survival Mode - Getting out of the world in a Survival Old World is fairly easy, here’s how: First, get a lot of blocks like dirt.
How to get out of an old world in Creative Mode - Getting out of the world in a Creative Old World is fairly easy, here’s how: You must go to the side of the world.


We’ll add more glitch posts soon, but we need your help!


The incredible world of Minecraft PE is such a large place, and we need your help to find more glitches.


Mine on over to the submissions page and submit any cool glitches that you have. Include screenshots if you want. We’ll give proper credit. 🙂


Have fun with our glitches!


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