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Please enjoy Soul Town v0.4.


  • Updated redstone
  • Spruceview Twp. where all buildings (except for the horse corral) are designed by YouTubers.
  • Soul Town Food Court
  • Soul Town Outskirts main road laid
  • Grasslands part of Soul Town has grown a li’l, added new roads and buildings
  • Created new subway stations for new subway system coming in v0.5
  • More houses (a lot)
  • Random Fun Facts and town history are now scattered around the map.
  • (I will link to the OFFICIAL Soul Town presentation on my blog so you can see what’s up next for the map.)

There’s probably more that I forgot, so you’ll have to discover that yourself.

NOTE: Nobody downloaded the beta? aw.


You can go to my blog:

…or go straight to Mediafire: Mediafire Download Link

Hope you enjoy!



Hello again…

(The image above was taken during the development of Soul Town v0.3.)

It’s 2017, 1.0 has been released, and I feel like the only one here again. A lot of change has occurred, and here I am, talking to you guys again.

I honestly really hope that this blog doesn’t end up in my hands… but then again, the last time the creator was posting here was October of last year, but he is really busy. Nobody can blame him for that.

But delay aside, I have some good news about Soul Town. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you might remember the first time I posted the map. It’s actually been over a year, and I’m happy to say that I have released the beta for version 0.4 of Soul Town. This was the last version made on my Kindle and I will be continuing the map on my phone. That ALSO means 0.4 is coming soon. If you want to download the beta head over to my blog.

I’ll try my very hardest to post on this blog, but unfortunately, I can’t make any promises, because as of now I’m heading back to school tomorrow after winter break.

Time really flies.

I would really like it if you could leave a comment below if you still are interested in my map or if you have had it since the beginning. That would make my day.

If you’re reading this, thanks so much.

And, blog creator ALLABOUTMCPE, if you’re reading this also, without you, I wouldn’t be as empowered, as joyful, or as, well, far as I have gotten. I’m glad that so many people have been able to enjoy my map and appreciate the time I have put into it.

Thank you.

All of you.

Whoa, I just got an idea!!!! Get excited!

(I’m low on time so let’s get to it!!!!)

I just thought… we need a new map. Soul Town is still going though, don’t worry.

I’m going to make a MCPE Epic Base map!

More details coming as I think of them… lol

-Greyson (MrCoolKid6780)

P.S. And I’m still here! I haven’t left!

Hey, what are your ideas? Send them to me and they will probably be added!!!

Soul Town Beta Build

Hey everyone!


Yes, I’m still alive. 🙂


This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, the Soul Town Beta Build!


In this version I added a lot of things, such as:


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New Map in Progress (yay)

I will add pictures as soon as I get them.

Hey everyone!

I have great news:

A new map is in progress and it will be really cool. Seriously cool.

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