Jungle Temples: Getting Past The Traps and Getting The Treasure + Assembling the Wither Guide Release Date!

As promised, the guide on getting past Jungle Temple traps is here.



The first step is to obviously find a Jungle Temple, which are found in Jungles. *Really? I didn’t know that. Sarcasm*


Jungle Temples are primarily composed of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone. They are also the only place where levers spawn naturally. Jungle temples have two entrances, which lead to the middle floor.


Going up the stairs will lead to the top floor. *I never knew that. (Sarcasm again)* The top floor doesn’t really have anything on it except a good view.


The treasure lies on the bottom floor.


Side note: Bringing torches would be useful for seeing the traps.



When you go down the stairs, you can go either left or right. On the right there is another corridor, on the left there are three levers. Let’s go to the right for now.



There is a tripwire. When activated, an arrow is shot at you from the end of the corridor. Breaking the tripwire will also result in an arrow being shot. One way to avoid the arrow being shot is by breaking the tripwire with shears. Or you can just be shot and continue, it’s your choice really.


Once you pass the tripwire and you reach the end of that corridor, turn to your left. You’ll see a chest. Finally, you can loot the temple.


But wait, what’s that above the chest?


It’s a dispenser! If you trigger the trap, then you’ll be shot at!


Again, using shears to cut the tripwire will result in no arrows hitting you.


I got 10 gold ingots and 3 emeralds from this chest. Now lets check out those levers.



Hitting the levers in the right order will result in a secret door opening. The levers vary for each Jungle Temple unfortunately, so I can’t help you there.


Once you hit the levers in the right order, head back up the stairs.


Once you’re on the middle floor, turn around and go to the left side of the temple.



There will be an opening that wasn’t there before. Jump down, but be sure to have blocks with you to climb back out with.

When you activated the levers in the right order, the piston was activated and retracted the blocks.



Now there are no more traps, and you can loot the final chest.


I got 3 iron ingots and 6 bones from this chest.


And then you’re done. The Jungle Temple has been officially looted. You can always get cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, and vines from it, but there is no more treasure in it.



Congratulations! You officially looted your first Jungle Temple! Now that you know how to loot Jungle Temples, whenever you’re exploring your worlds and you find a Jungle Temple, you’ll be equipped with the skills and the knowledge to avoid the traps, loot the temple, and escape in one piece.


Info on the release date of the Wither Guide: Really sorry about this guys, but the release date for our guide on how to assemble the Wither is pushed back again. Tomasso posted this a few hours ago. 


So the guide will be coming out sometime between today and Tuesday, basically whenever the Update comes out for iOS.


So what are you going to do with your new skills. Will you go crazy and loot every single Jungle Temple or are you going to brag to your friends about how you can raid Jungle Temples and they can?


Whatever you do, I hope you have fun doing it!


Happy Minecrafting Everyone!



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