Jungle Temples and Wither Assembly Post Info (Not the guide)

Hey minecrafters,


Update 0.16.0 hasn’t come out for iOS yet:

So for the people who have contacted me with iOS devices, saying that the update hasn’t showed up yet, it’s because it hasn’t been released.


It will probably be released sometime early tomorrow (hopefully), or the day after (latest).


I have an android phone, but I still haven’t bought MC:PE on it yet (probably going to get it later this week or next), so the guide on assembling the Wither and defeating it will be most likely be released tomorrow, when the update for iOS comes out.


The guide on Jungle Temples is currently being created, and will be released sometime tomorrow as well.


If you’re on an android device and you still haven’t received the update, contact me with your device model and android version, and I’ll see what I can do to help.


All you iOS users out there (including me), hang in there! The update will come out soon!


Happy Minecrafting Everyone!






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