Update 0.16.0: A General Summary + Possible Release Date

As promised, here’s the post on Update 0.16.0. Enjoy!


Also known as the boss update, Update 0.16.0 is an update with some pretty awesome content.


We’re going to be receiving custom resource packs, commands, loot tables, and various new blocks such as Prismarine and Sea Lanterns. We will also be getting a brand new biome, the Deep Oceans biome. In this biome, you can find Ocean Monuments, Generated Structures with a treasure room containing 8 blocks of gold. Guardians and Elder Guardians can also be found in this structure.


Guardians are underwater Hostile Mobs that spawn in Ocean Monuments to essentially “protect” it’s treasures. They swim in rapid thrusts and attack players and even Squids that it finds. For all of you laser-lovers out there, the Guardian can attack with a laser that penetrates armor and can’t even be dodged. They can also attack with spikes on their body if the player gets within close enough range.


The Elder Guardian is essentially a much bigger version of the Guardian with more health, and when it attacks it inflicts the Mining Fatigue Status Effect, which slows the speed at which you mine. Spawn Eggs for the Elder Guardian and the Guardian will be available in the Creative Inventory.

File:Guardian Size.png
Elder Guardian on left and Guardian on right.

Now, a lot of you must be thinking “Alright that’s cool and all, but why’s it called the Boss Update? The Elder Guardian isn’t really much of a boss.” The reason its called the Boss Update is because Minecraft: Pocket Edition is getting it’s first boss, The Wither.

A three-headed Hostile mob that is spawned similar to the way the Golem is spawned but with Blocks of Soul Sand and Wither Skeleton Skulls. A guide on how to assemble the Wither will be released a bit after the update. When the Wither is spawned, it will create an explosion destroying nearby blocks.


The Wither attacks by shooting Wither Skulls, skulls that explode on contact and give the player the Wither Status Effect, and it charge attacks the player once under half health. It’s charge attack can destroy any blocks in it’s path, which probably looks pretty cool. When it gets under half health, it will spawn a few Wither Skeletons to attack the player, a version exclusive for Pocket Edition.


Along with all of those new features, we’re also getting a new Settings screen and a new UI for the pause menu and create world menu.


Update 0.16.0 will be released tomorrow at 8 A.M. Pacific Standard Time. It may take a few hours for the update to show up on your devices. If the update has not shown up after at least 8 hours, feel free to contact me at allaboutmcpeblog@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do to help.


Note: Apparently Jungle Temples came out when I was gone, so a guide on how to get past those redstone traps will be coming out soon.


Also, for those of you that don’t know, Ocean Monuments are significantly larger than Desert Temples and Jungle Temples, as shown below.


So are you guys excited for Update 0.16.0? I know I am.


Write your thoughts in the comments section below.


Happy Minecrafting Everyone!


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