A Personal Apology

Hey everybody,


This is a member of Team AllAboutMCPE. As many of you already know, the blog hasn’t had a recent post in a while. In fact, the last post made was about Update 0.14.0, and Update 0.16.0 is coming out sometime this week.

Simply put, the rest of the team has left. I left for a while too. School got crazy, friends got crazy, and my interest in Minecraft just went away after a while. And I wanted to apologize for that, for all of that.

I realized a few days ago that Minecraft is a truly incredible game. I remembered all the good times I had playing it, and I realized that I wanted to start this blog again.

This isn’t the first time the blog hasn’t made posts in a while. Multiple times on twitter there have been apologies for the wait and how the team was starting again, but it just never really happened. None of us really liked Minecraft anymore.

So eventually, the blog just died. But now I want to start this blog again. Every single day, a faithful stream of visitors returns to this blog, wondering if a new post has been made. Even new people find this blog but realize that its outdated. So on the team’s behalf, I’d like to say sorry to everybody who has been disappointed when they visited AllAboutMCPE.

And I wanted to say is that I’m starting the blog again. For real this time. The rest of the team may not be helping me, but I’m not going to let down those people who still come to this blog everyday. I’m not going to let down people who want information but don’t know where to get it. And I’m not going to disappoint those who used to like AllAboutMCPE anymore.

Posts may not come out as frequently as before because the rest of the team won’t be with me, but I am going to make an effort to get this blog started again. I’m not going to disappoint those 40, sometimes 50 people who still visit this blog everyday. So if you’re one of the people whose reading this post right now, just know, that I’m doing this for you just as much as I’m doing it for myself and everybody else.


So for now everybody, I hope you can forgive me and the rest of the team for our lack of posts in such a long time.


Future Post Info: A post on Update 0.16.0 will be made tomorrow. Over this weekend I’m going to write posts on all the updates that I’ve missed so that in case you missed something too, you can still rely on us.


And yeah, that’s really all I have to say for now.


See you soon fellow minecrafters,

–A member of the team


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