Update 0.14.0 Has Been Released For All Devices – Check It Out!

And Update 0.14.0 has been officially released for all mobile stores! Now all you iOS users, and people who don’t have Google + accounts, can download and play the Update!


Hooray for you!


Check out the change-log below, and some exciting news about Update 0.15.0 after!!!



  • Repeaters, comparators, dispensers, droppers, hoppers, trapped chests, minecraft with chest/tnt/hopper (pewh)
  • Witches! Make sure you’re avoiding the splash potions they’re throwing at you! They can make you move slower or even poison you. Spooky stuff!
  • Armour dying. Tired of the usual look? Why not try the other 10 000 000 colours? Put your pants in the cauldron together with a dye and enjoy the new design!
  • Item frames. Show off your adventurous loot or put up one of your maps to remember the endless journeys.
  • Pumpkin and mob head hats. I know it is a bit early for Halloween, but at least now you can prepare properly! 🙂
  • And numerous bugs has been squashed, and unfortunately some have probably been sneaking in as well.


In addition to that, the Update includes things like Slime Blocks, a new Redstone skin pack, and plenty more bug fixes and features!


So yes, Update 0.14.0 has been officially released to all mobile stores, it should be available to download in the Updates section of your store.


If you don’t see the update, then just wait, because it might take some time to appear on your device.


And now for the exciting news about Update 0.15.0:



So, this means that the developers have already started to plan for Update 0.15.0, and are already thinking of lots of cool features!


And according to Tommo, resource packs will be in Update 0.15.0!


And an additional tweet:



This tweet means that Update 0.15.0 might allow trading with villagers, a feature that many people have wanted on mobile devices for a long time.


It also might mean, TALKING COWS AND SHEEP!!! #TalkingMobs


But no, talking cows and sheep are not likely to be what Tommo meant, although it is possible. However, he most likely meant that trading with villagers will be possible in Update 0.15.0.


Alright, that’s all the news that we have for now.


Enjoy the update everyone,

Happy Minecrafting!!! 😀



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