MCPE 0.14.0 Beta Build 6 Released – Check This Out!

Beta Build 6 has been released for Update 0.14.0, and here’s what was written in the change-log:


This build has a pretty tiny changelog as we’re starting the preparation to release 0.14 on all platforms, of course if you want to ruin everyone’s party with a critical release stopping bug you can always report it here on JIRA!


The developers are planning on releasing Update 0.14.0 to all platforms very soon!


That means that the update will probably be released mid or late February!


Here’s the change-log for beta build 6 of Update 0.14.0:





  • Changing from Creative to Survival doesn’t clear the inventory!
  • Added Splash Potion of Weakness (3:00) to the Creative Inventory


Bug Fixes


  • The watermark actually says “Build 6” 🙂
  • Fixed a crash with Redstone when playing online
  • Fixed a freeze caused by Rapid Pulsar Clocks
  • Fixed not being able to pick up items even if there is inventory space
  • Redstone Miner’s face doesn’t disappear when you put an helmet on
  • Fixed a performance regression during loading
  • Items won’t duplicate in two toolbar slots when picked from the Creative Inventory
  • Missing faces when a Pressure Plate is placed next to leaves and Grass
  • Clients now synchronize properly Item Frame Maps’ green arrows



The developers will probably submit the Update by the end of the week.


The Apple Store will take 1 – 2 weeks to review the Update, and once the Apple Store has reviewed it, it will be released on the Windows Store, Android Store, Apple Store, and all the other stores roughly near the same time.


Are you excited for Update 0.14.0?


Here are the requirements for joining the Update 0.14.0 Beta Testing:


– A Google Plus account.

–Minecraft: Pocket Edition purchased from the Google Play Store.

– An Android device that can run Pocket Edition.


If you have these and you want to beta test 0.14.0 (Or just play the new update sooner) just join the beta and then you can play.


If you don’t have an Android device though, you will have to wait for the full release of Update 0.14.0 to the public before you can play, because iOS devices can’t beta test yet.


-Note- If you find a major bug please keep it to yourself until the Update has been released, so that everyone can play the update sooner.




We’ll keep you updated on the latest MCPE news,

Happy Minecrafting Everyone!


6 thoughts on “MCPE 0.14.0 Beta Build 6 Released – Check This Out!”

  1. Hi super excited for 0.14.0 I’m most excited for repeaters and survival interface in creative. Also, allaboutmcpe didn’t answer my friend request but that’s fine. Thanks for having a great blog!


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