The Most Insane Seed Ever – 3 Desert Temples & Village

We have found the most Insane seed ever!


It features 3 desert temples and a village – all with insane loot!


Now, right now you must be scrolling up to the screenshot and saying, “I only see 2 desert temples. YOU LIARS!”


Don’t worry, we’re not lying. There’s another desert temple farther away, it’s not in the screenshot. We’ll tell you how to get there though.


Seed Type: Infinite

Seed Name: -355602562



The tall stone pillar is the spawn point in this seed.

You will spawn facing directly ahead, at the farm. To your left, will be a desert temple. In front of you, will be a village. To your right will be 2 desert temples, but the third is a bit farther away.

Here’s a sneak peek into the Blacksmith’s chest:


The first desert temple is the temple to your left at spawn. It is easy enough to find.

The second one is a bit harder to find. From spawn, you will have to start walking diagonally to the right. You will eventually reach the second desert temple in that direction:IMG_4160

As you can see, in the upper right there is another desert temple.

The third one is farther away from the spawn point, but it isn’t too hard to get too.

This is a picture looking past the 2nd desert temple:


In the background, you will be able to see another desert temple. The third desert temple is right behind the second desert temple, across a river.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… THE LOOT!

Each of the screenshots below show the loot from each desert temple. A desert temple contains 4 chests, the screenshots below for each temple show all the loot combined in one chest.


That’s a total of 62 bones, 3 diamonds, 41 rotten flesh, 2o iron ingots, and 23 gold ingots.

Wow, all that + the loot from the blacksmith. You’d be rich without even having to do anything at all!

Who knows, there might be more desert temples and villages in this seed :). It’s up to you to find them.


Overall, it’s one of the coolest seeds the team here and probably you guys too, have ever seen.

Seed Name: -355602562

So go on MCPE and type dat seed in!

Happy Minecraft, Happy Holidays!

And Merry Christmas!!!

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