Cool Village Seed

We’ve found an awesome village seed that’s fairly large.



It has 6 farms total and a blacksmith too! Hooray for blacksmiths!


Seed Type: Infinite

Seed Name: 979418929


The stone pillar is the spawn point. If you look on both sides there will be a side with cactus that looks like this:


Walk in the direction of the tree that is very far away.


Eventually, you will come across a large line in the ground. Once you have seen this, continue going straight.


You will start to see 2 buildings on the other side of a river. Then you’re very close to the village.

Cross the river and you’re at the village!


There’s a blacksmith in this village, because this is a cool village. The chest contains some valuable and useful stuff.





As you can see, it has 17 ink sacs, 8 pieces of bread, iron boots, an iron sword, and 3 iron ingots.


Lots of bread for your journey! You won’t die from hunger for a while. There are also lots of farms in the village for you to raid. 🙂


Iron Boots and an Iron Sword for combat and survival!


Overall, it’s a pretty good village.




Seed Name: 979418929

Enjoy the seed and Happy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “Cool Village Seed”

  1. Since you left Badatclashing, can you maybe check out my main account’s clan? It’s called Ying Castle. Just tell them I asked you to visit if you want to check it out.


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