Soul Town being put on hold

I know you all have been excited for the next Soul Town Beta Build. Unfortunately, it’s going to be put on hold, along with another map MrCoolKid6780 was working on.


We haven’t heard from MrCoolKid in a while now. It is possible that he is taking a break from Minecraft, or his operation is still going on.

Hopefully we’ll hear from MrCoolKid soon, so that he can release both the maps that he was working on.


If his operation is still going on, then the team hopes that he gets better.


In any case, we have been working on a really cool and big city/village map.


It has multiple buildings and more are being made. It even has a parkour section!


The map will have beta builds like MrCoolKid’s map, and a change-log too!


It’s currently under construction, but if all goes well, it should be released in about 1 week, or a maximum of 2.


We’ll make a post with a few screenshots, and if you’re lucky, a video showing the entire map. 🙂


The team can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working on.


Get Better Soon Greyson!


— The AllAboutMCPE Team

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