MCPE 0.13.0 Feature Focus: More Doors

One of the changes in Update 0.13.0 besides the addition of redstone was the adding of 5 new doors in the game.


Now you can make the front of your house cooler! 🙂


There were 5 new doors that were added into the game. They are:


Spruce Doors, Birch Doors, Jungle Doors, Acacia Doors, and Dark Oak Doors.



The 5 new doors that are in-between the oak door and the iron door can be opened just like a regular oak door, they just look different.


Along with these 5 doors, iron doors are also craftable and have been added into the creative inventory.


Iron doors were added into the game a while ago, but they were only accessible through inventory editors.


Iron Doors were also useless until Update 0.13.0, as the player needs redstone to open them.


We will be doing a guide on redstone soon, but until then, here’s some ways you can use redstone to open Iron Doors.


The first thing that you have to do is place down the redstone.


Once you have placed the redstone, put whatever you are trying to use the redstone with on any side. In this case, place an iron door on either side.


Then place whatever you are going to use to power the redstone on the other side.


You can use many things to power redstone. You can use pressure plates, which have 4 different types. You can also use levers, daylight sensors, or buttons (Two different types).


Simply adding a pressure plate to the other side of the redstone won’t do anything though.


If you stand on a stone or wooden pressure plate, it will activate the redstone, which will open the door.


Gold and Iron pressure plates won’t activate redstone if you stand on them, because they require more weight.


You can also use buttons. Place 2 blocks at the end of the redstone, and put a button on the side of the two blocks.


Then just tap on the button, and the door will open for a short while.

Daylight sensors don’t work at night, or if they are completely covered up with blocks.


You can also use levers to active redstone. Levers are like switches. If you turn the lever on, the redstone will turn on, and won’t turn off until you press the level again.


If you haven’t got the hang of redstone by now, stay tuned! Our redstone article will be released in a bit!


Happy Minecrafting Everyone!

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