Insanely Generated Desert Village – Minecraft Seeds

Sup guys,


I found this insane Desert Village that has been weirdly generated.


As you can see, the village has a blacksmith and a farm that are really high up, and everything else is lower down.


There is another farm behind me in this screenshot that is higher and farther away from the rest of the buildings.


It has 5-6 farms, and cool Blacksmith loot.

Seed Type: Infinite

Seed Name: 1280668514


You spawn where the stone. This picture shows the way that you are facing when you spawn as well, lucky for us.

Start walking straight and to the right at the same time. (So walk diagonally.)

After you cross the river, continue walking in the same direction. Eventually you will see something like this:


Once you get to the water, turn to the right.


Eventually, you will see another small body of water, that’s right next to a mountain with dirt.


If you climb to the top of the mountain, you will arrive at the village.


Like all awesome villages, this one has a blacksmith.


If you go inside, you’ll find some cool loot in the chest.


It’s not the best blacksmith chest, but it’s still a pretty good chest for starter gear.

Just so that you don’t have to scroll all the way up again to see the seed name:

Seed Name: 1280668514


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