MCPE 0.13.0 Build 5 Released – Final Beta Build – Check This Out!

Beta build 5 has been released and the devs have said that it is probably the last beta build for Update 0.13.0.


Then the update will be released to all the stores, and the iOS and Windows Phone users can play too!


Here’s the change-log, and then we’ll show proof about the devs saying this is the final beta build:


Behold, build 5 is out! This build should be the last one before the final 0.13 release, so test it well 🙂
For any bug that you really hate and that hasn’t been fixed yet, stay tuned for 0.13.1!

Bug Fixes

  • Redstone clocks are now a bit slower, and remain in sync with NOT gates
  • Redstone dust now aligns correctly on vertical sections
  • Redstone torches don’t keep their state too long anymore
  • Changes some pixels in the new skin pack
  • Fire TV users now can look around with the controller


And that’s it. Yes, it is a very small change-log.


And now for the proof:

And then Tommaso remembers the Windows Phone users:


Are you iOS and Windows Phone users excited for the public release of Update 0.13.0???


Who wants to use Redstone?!?


We’ll keep you updated on the latest MCPE and Update 0.13.0 news, but there might not be any more 0.13.0 news ;),

Happy Minecrafting Everyone!

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