MCPE New Feature Announced: Ravines! (Maybe 0.13.0)

Hey everyone,


The team has some really exciting news today. MCPE developer Tommaso Checchi has tweeted that Ravines might be added to Update 0.13.0!


Take a look at his tweet below:


For those of you that don’t know, Ravines are basically huge cracks in the ground, which often lead to caves, underground structures, and even rare ores.


It’s like you dug a huge crack into the ground, that is extremely deep. Ravines were originally supposed to be added in Update 0.9.0, but they were delayed as the developers were having problems.


Tommaso Checchi has stated that if he can perfect the algorithm for the cave culling system, Ravines will be implemented into Update 0.13.0.


The are generally five blocks wide, and they can be over 35 blocks deep.


Are you excited to find and explore ravines in MCPE?



We’ll keep you updated on the latest MCPE news,

Happy Minecrafting!

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