Many Redstone Related Items Confirmed for MCPE Update 0.13.0!

Hey everyone,


One of the MCPE developers posted an extremely exciting tweet, that reveals many redstone items that will be released in Update 0.13.0.


Take a look at Daniel Wustenhoff’s tweet below:


The tweet confirms that Redstone Lamps, Pressure Plates, Weighted Pressure Plates, Levers, Daylight Sensors, Tripwire Hooks, Buttons, and Redstone Torches will all be added in Update 0.13.0!


Unfortunately, Tommaso Checchi stated that dispensers aren’t confirmed for Update 0.13.0. His tweet does have a good side though. Check it out:



So Update 0.13.0 is coming way sooner than we expected. Hopefully it will be within the next 3 or 4 months.


Are you excited for Update 0.13.0, Redstone, and all these Redstone-related items?


We’ll keep you updated on all the latest MCPE news.

Happy Minecrafting Everyone!

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