MCPE Feature Announced: In-Game Music and Jukeboxes (Probably not 0.13.0)

Hey everyone,

The team has some exciting news. The developers have stated in their Q&A Stream that they are planning on adding in-game music to pocket edition.

The developers problem with adding in-game music to Minecraft: Pocket Edition is that if they add in-game music, it will bloat up the mcpe app’s download size by about 80 Mega-Bytes.


One thing that the developers are thinking of doing is having some sort of add on that lets you download music, which is optional. Then you could download the music in-game and listen to it.


Rest assured, if in-game music is added to pocket edition, then all other music related things will come as well, like jukeboxes.


It’s just a lot of work for the developers to do this, and they think that they’re time could be better spent implementing features people are really interested in, like redstone.


Do you want to listen to in-game music in Minecraft: Pocket Edition?


We’ll keep you update on the latest Minecraft: Pocket Edition News.

Happy Minecrafting Everyone!


-Note- Here’s the full MCPE developer Q&A Stream if you want to watch it for yourself.

We’ll make posts on the rest of the stuff in the stream soon!

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