MCPE 0.13.0 Feature Announced: Faster Boats!

Hey everyone,


The team has some exciting news today. In Update 0.13.0, we will be getting faster boats. A lot of people have been complaining that boats are too slow, and that we need faster boats.


Now they’re getting what they wanted. Take a look at Tommaso Checchi’s tweets below:

He also tweeted this.


These two tweets confirm a few things. The first tweet tells us that boats were too slow, and that the developers made them way faster. It also tells us that the developers made the boats 0.1 millimeters thinner.


The second tweet tells us that the faster boats will come in Update 0.13.0.


The first tweet was written in response to Minecraft developer Dinnerbone’s tweet:

Which tells us that boats in Update 0.13.0 will be a bit faster than sprinting, which is good.


Dinnerbone also tweeted a helpful MCPE boat cheat, which will make you go faster in the new update:


Unfortunately, we don’t know the release date of Update 0.13.0, but hopefully it will come out before March 2016.


The beta testing for update 0.13.0 should come out in 1-2 months!


Are you excited for Update 0.13.0?


We’ll keep you updated on the latest 0.13.0 news and features.

Happy Minecrafting Everyone!

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