MCPE 0.13.0 Feature Announced: Rabbits!

Hey everyone,

The team has some exciting news today. Rabbits are confirmed for Update 0.13.0! Take a look at Tommaso Checchi’s tweet below:

So Rabbits are coming to Update 0.13.0. They will be a bit different from the PC rabbits though.

They’re going to be smaller, they will run away from you, can be killed from one shot with a bow, and they will only spawn in forests. They will also eat crops. 🙂

Unfortunately we don’t know when the release date of Update 0.13.0, but it will probably come out before March 2016!


The beta testing for Update 0.13.0 will come out in 1-2 months!


Are you excited for Update 0.13.0?


We’ll keep you updated on the latest 0.13.0 news and features.

Happy Minecrafting Everyone!

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