Update 0.12.1 has been sent to the app store!

Hey Everyone,

Team ALLABOUTMCPE has some really exciting news about Update 0.12.1!

The developers just submitted the update to the app store!

Take a look at Tommaso Checchi’s tweets below:

That means that Update 0.12.1 will come out on all platforms, android, ios, and all the other platforms, sometime near September 8.

So the update should come out sometime between September 6 and September 14.

That’s not that far away, and pretty soon, you will be able to build a 23 by 23 nether portal that goes into the Nether, and have a bunch of new, different, and cool features in your world.

Everyone here at Team ALLABOUTMCPE is excited for the release of Update 0.12.1.

Are you excited for the release?

Happy Minecrafting Everyone!


Darn it Tomasso!

8 thoughts on “Update 0.12.1 has been sent to the app store!”

  1. I have been so excited for this update I am a iOS user.I have been reay excited for this update but at the same time I have been annoyed cause it hasent came out for iOS.All my friends use androids so they have it already.But I know u guys have been working on it and have been trying your best.I am trying to be patience and I will.I know it’s a hard process and hard to make.Thx for making this update I’m super excited


  2. UGH!!! I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!! Lol. I think Minangkabau should stop making big updates that take forever!! They should just make and update with a few added features so MCPE fans sent ripping out their hair waiting for the next update (litterally)!!!!


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