Survive the Island – Minecraft Seed Challenge Winner (Old)

Hey everyone,

Today the team has picked out the winning design for the Survive the Island challenge! Check out the winning design, by MaStErOfMcPe below!

MaStErOfMcPe created a tree house.


This house looks like it would need a lot of wood, so he probably used all the trees on the Island.


Inside MaStErOfMcPe’s house, there is a chest and a bed.


He even started his own tree farm, so that he could get more wood!


Many people who entered this contest didn’t win, because they didn’t have any beds. MaStErOfMcPe looked around the island for sheep though, and he found some.


Congratulations to MaStErOfMcPe for winning the Survive the Island contest!

Good luck next time everybody.

Happy Minecrafting.


Do you have any Minecraft seeds that could be used for the next survive a seed challenge? Feel free to share them with us by sending the seed to

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