Survive the Island – Minecraft Seed

Hey everyone,

We are going to try a small MCPE challenge today.

We have an awesome Island seed, and we would love to see what you can build on it.

Here is where you spawn in the Island, but it doesn’t really matter because the Island is really small.


It does have a few trees, and it also has sand and grass blocks, which you can use to build.


If you are interesting in participating in the Build Challenge, then create a new world, hit advanced, and in the seeds section type this:

Plz reply to my tweet!


The capital P is part of the seed, if you don’t include the capital P, the seed might generate differently.


To enter this challenge, you must follow these rules.

You must use the seed

You must play on survival mode, and you can’t switch game-modes while building.

You must take screenshots of your design

Please send screenshots to

Please send in your designs before August 30.

Winning design will be announced on August 31/September 1. 

Please include your username.

You must build on the Island you spawn on, you can’t go to other islands and get materials, or build there.


Seed Name:


Plz reply to my tweet!


Everyone here at Team ALLABOUTMCPE is looking forward to your submissions.


Happy Minecrafting!


-Another Note-


If you are having trouble with the seed, contact us at, and we will reply as soon as we can.

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