MCPE 0.12.1 Beta Build 5 Released – Check This Out!

Hey guys,

Team ALLABOUTMCPE has some exciting news today:

The MCPE Developers have released Build 5 of Update 0.12.1.

Here’s the changelog of Update 0.12.1 Beta Build 5:

* Controls should be smoother and more responsive now!
Changelog for Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12 – Build 5!
Bug Fixes
* Can now mine and jump again, yay!
* Signs can now use all the lines
* Signs aren’t pushed off screen by the virtual keyboard anymore
* Fixed Swap Jump and Sneak not saving
* Clients cannot set a different difficulty than the server anymore
* Snow layers can be replaced with any block now
* Can now place doors on top slabs

In Build 4, the developers accidentally made it so that you couldn’t jump, or dig . As you can see in the Bug Fixes part of the Changelog, it says “*Can now mine and jump again, yay!*”


Another Lol

But the developers have added a new feature to Update 0.12.1.

Shoghi was trying to find a way to switch to different views in Minecraft PE, instead of just first person and third person.

Yay, now you can look at your own face! A lot of people been wanting to do that in Minecraft PE for a while, for some reason you can’t see yourself when you look in the water in Pocket Edition.

It will be added in Build 6 though, not Build 5.

Team ALLABOUTMCPE is hoping that there aren’t that many more bugs to be fixed now because we are waiting for the Public Release of Update 0.12.1.

NOTE: In case you don’t know, beta testing means that Android users who wish to test update 0.12.1 and report on bugs before it’s released to the public can play MCPE 0.12.1 and do that.

If you want to join the beta builds – great!

There are, however, requirements. You will need:

– A Google Plus account.

–Minecraft: Pocket Edition purchased from the Google Play Store.

– An Android device that can run Pocket Edition.

If you have these and you want to beta test 0.12.1 (Or just play the new update sooner) just join the beta group and follow the instructions there to get the beta.

If you don’t have an Android device though, you will have to wait for the full release of Update 0.12.1 to the public before you can play, because iOS devices can’t beta test yet, sorry. 😦


Beta Build 1

Beta Build 2

Beta Build 3

Beta Build 4

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