MCPE 0.12.1 Beta Build 4 Finally Released – Check This Out!

Hey guys,

Team ALLABOUTMCPE has some exciting news today:

The MCPE Developers have finally released Build 4 of Update 0.12.1.

Here’s the changelog of Update 0.12.1 Beta Build 4:


  • Quartz pillars can now be placed directionally.
  • Trying to connect to old versions of the game will now show an outdated screen.
  • Added recipes for golden apple and enchanted golden apple.
  • Added enchanted books to the creative inventory.
  • Stone cutter and crafting table screens will close if blocks are destroyed while having it open.
  • Improved controls

Bug Fixes

  • Farmland is not destroyed when jumping on it in multiplayer
  • Pressing the inventory button did not get you back from multiple inventory screens.
  • Crafting recipes were wrong in multiplayer.
  • Partial blocks did not work properly in multiplayer.
  • Game crashed when entering the nether repeatedly.
  • When a controller is disconnected the player continues the last action, and other stuff.
  • Players cannot drink potions in creative mode.
  • Bane of arthropods does not deal additional damage to spiders.
  • Furnace displayed blocks that were not in your inventory.
  • Sky color is really dark.

As you may have noticed there are more Bug Fixes in Beta Build 4 than there were in Beta Build 3. But this can be seen in a good way.

This many bug fixes could mean that there aren’t that many more bugs to be fixed, because the developers fixed most of them already.

But Build 4 of Update 0.12.1 has finally been released, which means that we are one step closer to the public release of Update 0.12.1!

Everyone here at Team ALLABOUTMCPE can’t wait for the beta builds to be over and the official update to be out.

NOTE: In case you don’t know, beta testing means that Android users who wish to test update 0.12.1 and report on bugs before it’s released to the public can play MCPE 0.12.1 and do that.

If you want to join the beta builds – great!

There are, however, requirements. You will need:

– A Google Plus account.

–Minecraft: Pocket Edition purchased from the Google Play Store.

– An Android device that can run Pocket Edition.

If you have these and you want to beta test 0.12.1 (Or just play the new update sooner) just join the beta group and follow the instructions there to get the beta.

If you don’t have an Android device though, you will have to wait for the full release of Update 0.12.1 to the public before you can play, because iOS devices can’t beta test yet, sorry. 😦


Beta Build 1

Beta Build 2

Beta Build 3

2 thoughts on “MCPE 0.12.1 Beta Build 4 Finally Released – Check This Out!”

    1. Hey nickgaming, great question. As you can see in the post above, it shows the link where you can download the Beta Builds.

      We inserted the link to the Beta Builds below.

      Once on that website, click Join (or Leave) BETA here!.

      SIgn into your google account, and then you will be in the Beta Builds.

      -Note- You must have an Android device to Beta Build, it won’t work on iOS. The full list of requirements is in the post above.

      Craft on!


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