MCPE 0.12.1 Beta Build 2 Released – Check this out.

Hey guys,

Team ALLABOUTMCPE has some exciting news today, the MCPE Developers have released Build 2 of Update 0.12.1.

Here’s the changelog for Update 0.12.1 Beta Build 2:

* Added a Tame button for ocelots
* Made the flight controls a little bit smaller
* Breaking crops now always drops seeds

Bug fixes
* Hopefully, it’ll start on Android < 4.2
* Fixed crash on opening controller screen
* Fixed a crash happening after waiting a long time in snowy biomes
* Fixed many multiplayer bugs (if not blame Shoghi)
* Sprinting doesn’t stop if strafing left or right
* Can now pull squids with fishing rods
* Weather now resumes correctly after suspending the app
* The portal effect now plays when stepping inside a portal
* Snowballs don’t change color anymore at random
* Magma cubes correctly jump in multiplayer
* Fixed being able to move the character while a menu screen is open
* Fixed not being able to exit the Option screen with Back when switching to touch inputs
* Grass picked up with Silk Touch is now correct
* Can now place items in the second anvil slot
* The Snow Golem doesn’t have a derp face anymore sorry 😦
* Swap Jump and Sneak option is now saved

That’s a lot of Bug fixes :).

Whoop Whoop

As Daniel says above, “If you’re not in the android beta yet, join our group!” which is what you should do.

In case you don’t know, beta testing means that Android users who wish to test update 0.12.1 and report on bugs before it’s released to the public can play MCPE 0.12.1 and do that.

However, there are requirements If you want to join the beta builds. You will need:

– A Google Plus account.

–Minecraft: Pocket Edition purchased from the Google Play Store.

– An Android device that can run Pocket Edition.

If you have these and you want to beta test 0.12.1 (Or just play the new update sooner) just join the beta group and follow the instructions there to get the beta.

If you don’t have an Android device though, you will have to wait for the full release of Update 0.12.1 to the public before you can play, because iOS devices can’t beta test yet, sorry. 😦

3 thoughts on “MCPE 0.12.1 Beta Build 2 Released – Check this out.”

  1. Appreciating the dedication you put into your website and in depth information you present. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed information. Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.


    1. Hey Dumani,

      To answer your question, no you can’t beta test MCPE on an Apple device, because Apple does not approve beta testing.

      However, there is a way to beta test on Apple Devices through an app called Test Flight, but the MCPE developers must invite you through the Test Flight App.

      The MCPE developers has said that they won’t do beta testing through Test Flight as Test Flight only allows about 100 people to Beta Test an app, and there are thousands of people who want to beta test MCPE.

      So no, you can’t beta test MCPE on an Apple device, sorry.


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