KiriTo1310’s Amazing Adventure Map! Check it out!

**Click on the pictures for more info & a closer look**

First off, thanks to KiriTo1310 for giving us this awesome Adventure Tower Map.

You will spawn in a Stone Brick passage that leads to another room after walking forward for a bit.

Your objective in this room is to complete the parkour and get to the top of the room. After you finish the parkour, there will be stairs leading to the next room above which will lead to a series of challenges.


There are chests which contain materials that you will need later on in the map.

Most chests will contain items such as Bread, Diamond Swords, Helmets, Chestplates, etc.

Use the sand you find in chests to your advantage to get to the next floor.


What is behind the sand?
What is behind the sand? (I decided to switch to Creative Mode after playing the adventure map for a bit.)

At one point you will reach a room a few floors above that looks like this.


The question is, which door do you choose to take? Choices, choices, choices! Pick the right door, and you’ll survive to the next challenge, take the wrong door and… have fun re-spawning. ;).

BEWARE: In this map titled Adventure Tower, there are many traps in the choices that you will have to take to advance.

And, did you think the parkour in the beginning of the map was easy? Have fun doing this then ;).


But then I have a question to ask you:


Choices, Choices, Choices: beware of what you do.

Which of the water holes should you go down?
Which of the water holes should you go down?

One of them will lead to tracks that lead to your next challenge.


The other … certain death.

Darn it. Silver fish and Zombie mob spawners on all sides. :(
Darn it. Silver fish and Zombie mob spawners on all sides. 😦

The final challenge is a lava ocean. I figured out how to get past it pretty quickly – and it’s not by switching into Creative Mode. (I just suck at parkour and wanted to get past lol, but that ruins the fun of the Adventure Map so stay in Survival with the difficulty on, if you want to have fun.)


Now you ask: what’s next? Sorry, but you’ll have to pass the lava ocean and find out what’s next yourself (if you’re not a chicken)!


Or if you’ve already died, then you’ll have to redo everything ;).


Have fun trying to complete KiriTo1310’s Amazing Adventure Map!

You can download the map HERE.

(The text on the signs are in Portuguese lol)


What now, you ask?

Well – here you go:


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