FREE $30 iTunes GIFT CARD!

Hello fellow Minecrafters,

ALLABOUTMCPE is going to give another FREE $30 Dollar iTunes Gift Card to one lucky winner out of our next 50 subscribers.

There will be more information on a post later today or sometime tomorrow. The iTunes Gift Card Code will be sent to the lucky winner. We were experiencing some problems on WordPress so you might have not been notified that we did make a post on the winner of the first $30 iTunes Gift Card. We took the page down 2 days after he won the Gift Card. In case you missed the post, the winner of the earlier $30 iTunes Gift Card’s name was, Skipper Panda.

Congratulations Skipper Panda!

Skipper Panda’s email address is he has however, requested that no one spams his email address.

The person who wins the new $30 iTunes Gift Card can request for us to not put their name and/or their email address. We will be posting the page with more information on how to win a $30 iTunes Gift Card in a bit.

One thought on “FREE $30 iTunes GIFT CARD!”

  1. Ya I GOT IT WOOOHOOOO! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I bought Plug for Minecraft PE, a bunch of credits, a Skins creator for Pocket Edition, and i’m gonna get more! LOL


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