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1. If you don’t change the name of your world when you generate it, it is automatically called My World. However, if you delete that My World, and if you don’t write anything as the name of the world, then after you generate it and quit to title, you will find that your world is now called “Level”.

2. MCPE has iron doors. However, they can’t be opened without redstone – which MCPE doesn’t have. You can get Iron Doors in IOS by jailbreaking your device and getting an inventory editor. Or, you could pay for Plug for Minecraft PE – an inventory editor that does not require jailbreaking. You can get Iron Doors in Android by using an inventory editor or by using mods.


3. You can make hidden rooms with paintings covering their entrances – we will post a tutorial on this soon!

4. You can’t make a turn on roller coasters with powered rails – for turns, you’ll need to switch to normal rails.


5. You can host your own MCPE server using Plug for Minecraft PE or Multiplayer for Minecraft PE (or you could download Pocket-Mine on your PC).


6. Creepers will always move to your left before they explode.


7. Skeletons will have a harder time hitting you if you are moving constantly (this is because Skeletons attack by circling around you and attempting to shoot).

8. Spiders can climb up walls and trees. Add blocks to the walls of your house to prevent Spiders from climbing up them.


9. Cave Spiders (which are smaller than Spiders) and all baby mobs can go through block holes.


10. If one of the sides of an infinite world is generating when you are moving, then (like an Old World) you cannot move past the side. Unlike an Old World, however, once the side has generated, you can move past it.

11. When one of the sides of an infinite world hasn’t generated yet: you can see underground.

12. Notch was one of the founders of Mojang. On 6 November 2014, Microsoft bought Mojang from Notch and the other founders of Mojang for 2.5 Billion Dollars.

This is also good though, because when Microsoft bought Mojang, people who worked in Microsoft started working in Mojang, which means that more people are working on Minecraft, and updates will come out faster now.

13. If you have a female skin on, and you get hit, it makes the same sound that a male skin makes when hit, which is confirmed by the developers to be a bug.

14. You can dye sheep different colors, and you can dye a dog’s collar too.

15. Submitted by user MrMineshafter17: You can color any text in the game using a section sign.


*Edit* Minecraft PE now has Iron Doors, and they can be crafted.

10 thoughts on “15 THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT MCPE (Outdated)”

  1. Are u retarted? Iron doors can be opened with levers, buttons, or pressure plates, you don’t need redstone!! And everyone already knows these things, everyone’s playing version 0.14.2, and really just wow, all of these things are old


    1. Number 1: Retarded, not retarted. Number 2: Look at the date kiddo, May 24, 2015. Guess when update 0.13.0 came out? November 19, 2015. I’ll leave the the rest for you to figure out…


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