NOTE: We will be releasing a really, really, cool Roller Coaster on All About MCPE. The only problem … is that the map is SO long that we can’t fit it into one post. So we have decided to describe this map in 4 posts. On the 4th (and last) post, we will be posting the link to this awesome map – so you can try it out for yourself!

>>Check out Part 2 of this map for more information!

HOWEVER, if you join 100s of other Minecrafters and follow ALL ABOUT MCPE, the password and link to this map will be automatically sent to your inbox right now!  It’s simple and easy (and you won’t get any spam from us – we promise!)

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Map Description (Part 3 of 4):

You’ll land on some rails in an underground tunnel, and then move straight ahead. After a while, you’ll come out of the tunnel into a brick house, which you will exit. You will then find yourself facing the direction you came from.

When you go down the tracks that go into the water next to the brick house, you will eventually hit a block…and stop.

But don’t be fooled! That’s not all there is to this roller coaster! Stay tuned for our 4th (and final!) release tomorrow! We will be posting the link to the map tomorrow morning – so make sure to try it out!


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While you’re waiting, though – check out our most popular content (seeds, maps, and more) here!

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