Mountainous Mesa Biome seed – Mineshafts, lava, & gold!

Seed Description: You will spawn in a grassy/sandy area. To your right will be a Mesa Biome. Go straight into the Mesa Biome and you will see a huge Mesa Mountain. Inside the Mesa Mountain, there are many tunnels (inside which there are a number of rare ores such as gold and iron), rails, cobwebs, and other objects. If you want to go exploring, you should either have a considerable supply of torches and a compass, or you should know how to duplicate items[link to tutorial on duplicating items]. If there are mobs in the area, you should also have armor and a number of swords.

TIP: If you are planning on living inside the Mesa Mountain, it might make sense to equip yourself with a clock and a bed.

CAUTION: There is lava, so watch out!

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Seed: 2431673

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