EDIT: The full map has now been released here!


You will spawn in a Flat World with a skyscraper (and a huge tree, among other things). Go to the very top of the tree, and you will see a sign that says “Roller Coaster Starts Here”. Put a minecart on the tracks, and move towards the sign – you will see a very high drop.

NOTE: If you go the other way, then the roller coaster will not work. Make sure not to take the rails down the tree – go in the opposite direction so that you fall.

In a few seconds you will land directly on the rails on the ground.

TIP: Sometimes you don’t move forward automatically, so you may have to press the forward button.

Great! Now just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Now, slightly ahead there will be a loop (in which the rails will go up and then turn around). At the end of the loop, there will be a drop, and you will again land on the rails below you. Further ahead, there is a large triangular structure made of Diamond Blocks. The tracks will take you to the top of the triangle, and then back down the other side.

After you cross the Diamond Block structure, you will go through a short diamond tunnel. Then you’ll get a few more loops and drops (one of them takes you back around in the same direction you came from).
Edit: It’s already out – here!

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