NOTE: This map description is Part 2 of yesterday’s post (which can be found here for more information). We hope you like it! After you go on the loop/drop that takes you back in the direction you came from, you’ll see rails extending very high up (in fact, until you get high enough yourself, it’s difficult to see where the rails lead to). It takes a while, but you eventually get back to where you started from: the top of the tree.

NOTE: Near the end of the ride you will see a large sign which says “Hotel” in glowstones – we haven’t finished this map yet, and we haven’t quite gotten to building the hotel. Feel free to make one yourself, and we’d love to see your creation, so please do share it with us in the comments! There is also a “Skycraper” sign – again, we haven’t gotten to finishing it yet, so feel free to make it yourself!

We hope you enjoy this map! Please like, favorite, and/or share – and if you have any trouble with the map, email us at and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, if you encountered any problems, you can tell us in the comments section, and we’ll make sure to try and fix the issue.

LINK TO MAPDropbox Link

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